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New mediators of vascular damage in dialysed patients I. Checherita, C. David, L. Stoica, P. Popescu, A. Ciocalteu, I. Lascar Cardiovascular events are the main causes of mortality in dialysed patients. Traditional risk factors such as hypertension, aging, smoking, diabetes, and abnormal lipid metabolism does not fully explain the high frequency of cardiovascular disease in renal patients, indicating that some other distinct pathogenesis may be involved.

  • Look for evidence of lymphadenopathy or thyroid disease.
  • Arthroscopic meniscectomy versus non-surgical or sham treatment in patients with MRI confirmed degenerative meniscus lesions: a protocol for an individual participant data meta-analysis.

Vascular calcification have been associated with high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in chronic kidney disease CKD patients. It is an active process that resembles osteogenesis, regulated by bone proteins and osteoblast-like cells. Elements involved in the pathogenesis are: the risk factors that initiates the process, the promoters released and overexpressed and the dysregulation of the inhibitor factors of extraskeletal calcifications.

Although researches in the past decade have greatly improved our knowledge of the multiple factors and mechanisms involved in vascular calcification, many questions remain unanswered. Colorectal cancer and the 7th revision of the TNM staging system: review of changes and suggestions for uniform pathologic reporting Fl.

Stoica Colorectal cancer CRC is a neoplastic is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse with a continuously growing incidence in Romania and throughout the world.

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Although the surgery remains the first line treatment for most of the cases, newly discovered targeted molecular therapies - effective for some patients, but with various side effects and significant financial burden for the national health systems - requires not only stratification of patients in prognostic groups but also evaluation of some non-anatomic factors with major impact on the prognosis and therapeutic strategy.

On the other hand, the role of the pathologist is increasing in terms of workload and amount of information to be included in the pathology report in order to deliver a personalized diagnosis.

is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse durere în sternul articulației coastelor

There are concerns worldwide regarding relevance, validity and completeness of pathologic reporting of CRC in the absence of a uniform reporting format. Therefore, suggestions for a standardized pathology report of CRC are made, based on TNM 7 and recent, up-to-date conclusive published data.

Corresponding author: Florin Obrocea, MD, e-mail: obroxf yahoo. Varcus, F. Aim: Evaluation of proliferation potential in thyroid nodules on tissue samples obtained at surgery from euthyroid patients clinically diagnosed with SCN and from patients is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse thyroid hyperfunction and SHN.

The dates were statistically evaluated using the t-unpaired test. Moldovan, E. Fulop, Andrada Loghin, Z. Pavai Gastrointestinal stromal tumors GISTs are the most frequent mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Major advances in their definition and classification and tratarea cu nămol a artrozei articulației șoldului understanding of their molecular mechanisms have recently been made.

These advances have become a model of targeted therapy in oncology. The diagnosis of GISTs relies on histological arguments - proliferation of spindle cells, seldom of epithelioid cells or both spindle and epithelioid cells - and on immunohistochemical arguments - expression of CD usually associated with CD34 expression. The evaluation of the prognosis is essential and based on a simple algorithm using two prognostic parameters, tumor size and mitotic index.

The aim of this paper is a complex histopathological assessment, using both classic and modern immunohistochemistry techniques, of the GISTs comprised in the study. GISTs occur mainly in older adults median age yearsanywhere along the gastrointestinal tract but also retroperitoneal. Immunohistochemical evaluation remains an important tool of pathology in the diagnosis of GISTs, in the differential diagnosis from other gastrointestinal mesenchymal tumors and represents the gold standard for diagnosis of these tumors and an eligibility criterion for imatinib therapy.

Pulmonary venous compartment of the airways circulation I. Mindrila, O. Marginean, B. Capitanescu, D. Pirici, P. Melinte, R. Stanescu, G. Guja Bronchial circulation has three components: a systemic arterial component represented by the bronchial arteries; a pulmonary venous component represented by the pulmonary veins; and a systemic venous component represented by the bronchial veins.

We have used vascular casting, microscope dissection coupled with tracers and light microscopy to define the detailed anatomy of the pulmonary venous compartment of the bronchial circulation.

is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse exercita artrita articulației gleznei

We have found that the extrapulmonary drainage territory of the pulmonary veins correlate with the forming pattern of the right superior pulmonary vein. In the case of a large apical venous trunk, pulmonary veins drain the venous blood of the main bronchia, terminal portion of the trachea and of the tracheobronchial lymph nodes.

In the case of the systemic venous drainage of the extrapulmonary airways, we constantly found a pulmonary component which drains the venous blood from the subcarinal lymph nodes and the medial side of the main bronchia.

There are three types of ventral hernia: Epigastric stomach area hernia: Occurs anywhere from just below the breastbone to the navel belly button. This type of hernia is seen in both men and women.

Stage pT3a of renal clear cell carcinoma: do tumors with sinus fat involvement behave the same as those with perinephric fat involvement? Chaves Portela, D. Santos-Arrontes, Maria J. Fernandez-Acenero, J. Garcia Gonzalez, P. Paniagua Introduction: In this report, we review our series of patients with pT3a clear cell renal carcinoma CCRC and comment on their outcome.

We have found 30 cases with pT3a tumors. Eleven of them were invading the perinephric fat, nine were invading the renal sinus fat and ten were pT3a locally but showed metastasis at the moment of diagnosis cM1, TNM stage IV. We have analyzed the prognostic influence of histopathological parameters vascular invasion, size, Fuhrman grade and also immunohistochemical ones p53, cyclin D1, proliferation index with Ki67, bcl-2 and vascular density with CD Results: Only six of 10 patients with perinephric fat involvement died of disease compared with all the patients with sinus fat involvement, suggesting a worse prognosis for the latter.

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However, this difference did not reach statistical significance, probably due to the small number of cases. We could not show any statistically significant relation between vascular density and prognosis. Conclusions: Sinus fat involvement might be underestimated in some series.

A protocol for nephrectomy specimen handling could improve the detection rate of sinus fat involvement and allow the performance of randomized prospective studies to determine whether these tumors behave similarly. Corresponding author: Maria J. Diabetes mellitus type 1 induces dark neuron formation in the dentate gyrus: a study by Gallyas' method and transmission electron microscopy Sh. Ahmadpour, H. Haghir Background: Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse endogenous stressor.

is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse durere în articulația gleznei cu artroză

We investigated the effects of a diabetes mellitus type 1 on dark neuron formation in granular layer of dentate gyrus. Control animals were received only saline. In the end of eight weeks, the brains were removed and hippocampi studied by Gallyas' method and transmission electron microscopy. Izvernariu, M. Raica Tumor angiogenesis emerged as an important concept in cancer therapy over two decades ago, and was extensively studied by the discovery of VEGF family members.

VEGF is the most important angiogenic factor, with significant effects on tumor angiogenesis. Tumor expression of VEGF was not the first angiogenesis indicator, but a growing number of studies have demonstrated that VEGF could be a prognostic factor, independent even from microvascular density, which is increased by its expression.

Renal parenchyma tumors are a heterogeneous group of malignancies, difficult to classify or monitor, which prompts for the assessment of novel markers useful for the investigation of tumor histogenesis or prognostic assessment.

VEGF expression in renal parenchyma tumors is poorly studied, with most of the articles published so far focusing on antiangiogenic usage in renal carcinoma therapy. The aim of this study is to detect the expression pattern of VEGF in renal parenchyma tumors by immunohistochemistry.

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Jalba, C. Jalba, Anca-Daniela Vladoi, F. Gherghina, E. Stefan, M. Cruce Article withdrawn by publisher. Practical value of the complex analysis of sentinel lymph nodes in colorectal carcinomas Simona Gurzu, I. Jung, T. Bara, T. Bara Jr, Z. Szentirmay, L. Azamfirei, Erika Toth, M. Turcu, Em. Egyed-Zsigmond Background: Despite modern factors, which seem to predict outcome, lymph node LN status remain the main prognostic factor, which also shows the need for complex oncotherapy in colorectal carcinomas CRC.

Sentinel lymph nodes SLNs mapping is a very controversial method, which can increase the number of identified LN. Materials and Methods: In 28 patients who underwent surgical intervention between December and Decemberwe performed in vivo SLNs mapping followed by ex vivo examination at 1, 10, and 48 hours. All blue nodes were separately included.

In cases without LN metastases pN0 five multilevel sections and immunohistochemical stain with cytokeratin 20 were performed in SLNs. Results: Two cases were excluded because they were in pT4 stage. In one case the diameter of lymph nodes was about 10 mm and we obtained a false negative result negative SLNs with positivity in the non-SLNs.

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Mean identified number of LNs was The blue dye intensity increased after formalin fixation and some nodes with metastases were blue stained only after 10 hours. Ultrastaging of SLNs is an expensive method, with uncertain results. Could stored blood transfusions SBT alter the mechanisms implied in wound healing, in burned patients? Neamtu, Alina Parvu, H. Parvanescu, L. Neamtu, Maria Vrabete Several years ago, researchers reported several complications produced after blood transfusions such as transfusion reactions, the transmission of a variety of infectious agents, etc.

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Recently, many authors appreciate that the stored blood transfusions SBT create an important damage for patients' life, because of oxygen metabolism disturbances, induced earlier, after three repeated transfusions and maintained longtime after.

Our study proposed to note the consequences of SBT on wound healing, in burned patients, who were submitted to skin grafting and remained in hospital for a long period.

We tried estimate the pathophysiological mechanisms implied in microcirculation's failure, microvascular systemic deficiency and death.

is a lateral or medial meniscus tear worse osteocondroza de nivelul 1 a articulației șoldului

Conclusions: SBT administered as a restrictive transfusions to the patients with hemoglobin values Corresponding author: Marius Cristian Neamtu, MD, articulațiile se umflă pe picioare drcristianneamtu yahoo.

Distribution of sympathetic fiber areas in the sensory nerves of forearm: an immunohistochemical study in cadavers S. Chakravarthy Tratarea artrozei cherestea rotundă, P. Kumar, S. Dhalapathy, C. Materials and Methods: The present study aim is an attempt to find the distribution of sympathetic fibers in the anterior branch of medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve of forearm AMACNlateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve of forearm LACN and superficial branch of radial nerve SBRN at cubital fossae.

Frozen sections of these nerves were processed by immunohistochemical tyrosine hydroxylase method for sympathetic fibers.

Chakravarthy Marx, PhD, e-mail: marxmanipal gmail.